Commercial HVAC

Buffalo business owners endure some of the coldest, harshest Winters in the country. Likewise, their businesses face the same challenges. Quality heating systems are a necessity to provide a healthy, comfortable environment for business owners and their clients/customers.  Luckily, Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) is well-versed in providing Buffalo’s commercial properties with top notch heating options to keep them warm throughout the Winter months. From boilers to furnaces, our experienced technicians are ready to oversee your businesses’ heating system process from estimate, through installation, repair, maintenance and replacement.

Along with some punishing Buffalo Winters, our Summers can be just as extreme! When it comes to the hot, muggy months, an effective cooling system can be just as important as a quality heating system. As with our expertise with overseeing your heating system, we oversee your air conditioning systems from installation, to repair and replacement, to ensure your business is a cool, comfortable place for your customers and employees to be, in even the hottest months.

At TMS, our knowledge of all your commercial heating and cooling systems, along with our superlative customer service, make us the best possible team to have in your corner – when you need it the most!

Furnace Replacement & Installation

In the Winter months, a quality and properly functioning furnace is crucial when it comes to providing your clients/employees with the comfort and health they expect onsite at your business(es). At Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS), we provide the quick, professional and secure installation, repair and replacement of your furnace that will keep your business a warm, safe place to be. We are experienced in all elements of furnace system work, and are ready to assist you when you need us most. Our materials and customer service are of the highest quality, and the care and respect with which we approach your furnace system puts us above the rest for all your business heating needs!


At the core of your business’ fully functioning heating system is a properly working thermostat. These convenient tools allow you to control the temperature of your business for the best level of comfort and control possible. Thermostats save your business energy and money, and are often programmable to work with your company/organization’s schedule. Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) offers expertise and guidance for all your thermostat systems – be they programmable, non-programmable, or more technologically advanced, wi-fi enabled models. We can help you choose between various thermostat types and brands to provide the most cost-savings and highest level of control over your commercial heating and cooling systems.

Furnace tune-up

Rising gas and oil prices can be killers when it comes to commercial heating bills. Often, an inefficient furnace in need of a tune up can be behind the increase in cost, costing business owners not only money, but efficiency. Luckily, a proper tune up can often restore your business’ furnace to its intended efficiency! Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) offers comprehensive and expert tune ups for all models and types of furnace to get your workplace’s system back in working order, and restore your energy bill to a price that works for YOU! The expert technicians at TMS approach your furnace tune-up with a comprehensive checklist to assess and address your furnace’s current condition and any/all issues, leaving you with a system that is reliable, efficient, functional and safe! Call us today to schedule your tune-up appointment

Furnace Repair

When it comes to furnace repair for any business, speed and reliability are key. An integral component to keeping your employees and customers warm and safe, your business’ furnace issues should be treated as emergent, and handled by seasoned experts. The technicians at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) are readily available with the expertise and materials to repair your system quickly and correctly, getting your business back in working order, and quickly! We have and continue to assist Buffalo business owners with all their furnace repairs including faulty pilot lights, broken fans and blowers, bad electrical connections, damaged filters and coils, malfunctioning thermostats and general heat and air flow problems. Our speed and customer service are unmatched, giving you peace of mind that you will have a working heating system year round.

Furnace Maintenance

Proper furnace maintenance can help to delay and/or avoid some of the issues before they come up. Furnace maintenance is also integral in providing your commercial property with safe, energy efficient, and reliable and furnace performance, and can help avoid minor problems progressing into larger and more costly repairs. The experts at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS)  can provide your furnace with all maintenance services, including parts and operation inspection, thermostat calibration, preventative cleaning, checks for obstructions, leaks, and other safety controls, blower component adjustment and air filter replacement. With TMS, you can expect your furnace maintenance to be performed on time, up to code, and with the quality materials that will provide you will peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

Generator Service & Install

Losing power can be more than just an inconvenience. If you’re a business owner, power outages can mean lost business revenue, and a hazardous environment for your staff and clientele. Whether you’ve lost power in a storm, because of a downed powerline, or during one of Buffalo’s many snowstorms, it’s important that you are prepared. Power isn’t just a convenience – it’s a necessity. A backup generator can help you stay prepared for emergencies of all types, and can help keep your business comfortable and secure until power is able to be restored. The pros at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) have both the experience and resources to handle all your generator needs from installation, to maintenance and repair.

Leaks Repair

When air conditioners are involved, leaks are an inevitability. They are certainly an annoyance, however they can also pose a risk to the health of those inside your business; breathing in air from a leaking system is a danger to business owners and their employees/customers. As such, leaks require the immediate attention of a professional. The experienced technicians at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) are ready to step in and repair your air conditioning system, and keep those in your charge from exposure to harmful chemicals. If you have concerns or suspicions that you may have a refrigeration leak, call TMS today.

Tune Up

As with all other systems, scheduling a regular air conditioner tune up is a key step in keeping your system working properly year round. The experts at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS)  are trained thoroughly examine your air conditioning system and to quickly identify areas in need of improvement to ensure safety and efficiency for your home. From motors to fuses to drain lines, our technicians will review your system to keep costs low and efficiencies up! Schedule your annual tune-up today.

A/C Rentals

While the technicians at Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS) strive to provide the quickest and most comprehensive repair and replacement services in Buffalo, we understand that some jobs may prove to be more complex than others – they may also take more time than anticipated. We also know that for business owners, time is money, and any interruption in service means a disruption of business. That’s why TMS provides A/C rentals to serve as peace of mind in case of breakdowns/delays within your current system while it’s being fixed. At TMS, we’ve thought of everything – so you don’t have to!

Ductless-Split Systems

Split system air conditioning units are an incredible and efficient way to make your home a comfortable one. They automatically and uniformly disperse hot and cool air throughout your home to insure uniformity of temperature, and improvement of comfort level. At Matthew Kandefer Plumbing, we can ensure that this process and implementation is handled expertly from start to finish.

Ductless-split systems provide many benefits to homeowners, including decreased summertime bills, more acute climate control, and quieter, sleeker design than traditional systems. In comparison with traditional window unit air conditioners, the benefits these systems provide are undeniable. If you are considering a ductless-split system as an alternative to your traditional window unit air conditioners, call the experts at Matthew Kandefer Plumbing today.

Emergency Services

At Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS), we understand that most often, we get your calls when the situation is emergent. And while we take all of our projects and clients very seriously, the emergency services we provide are of utmost importance to us. Our 24 hour emergency attention to our clients, excellent customer service, and ability to successfully complete the job when you need it most, work to create the lasting relationships that comprise our clientele. Our courteous, quick attention to your needs, level of expertise, employment of best-in-class technology and pricing transparency are the qualities you can expect from TMS. If you are an experiencing an air conditioning or heating emergency, call TMS, and let us get your business back in working order as soon as possible!


Installation is the first and most important part of the cooling system experience. Improper or hasty installation can result in costly repairs, lost efficiencies, and unsafe conditions in your business. With Thermo Mechanical Services (TMS), you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best. From your first call to schedule your appointment, you will find us prompt, professional, transparent and highly qualified. We approach all our clients and jobs with the same level of care, and work to leave you feeling secure and comfortable with your commercial system.