Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an important and cost-effective component of HVAC care, and can help prevent unnecessary malfunction of your HVAC equipment, resulting in inconvenience and costly repair.

Basic Plan

  • General inspection including quotes for repairs
  • Twice annual inspections
  • Assess, adjust and replace belts and filters.
  • Comprehensive visual inspection

Pre-Season Plan

  • Complete equipment inspection prior to each season
  • Inspect all items according to manufacturer start-up checklist
  • Comparison of reading and original start-up reading
  • General adjustment of controls, belts and filters
  • Comprehensive inspection report held by TMS for reference and owned by YOU!

Full Coverage Plan

This Plan is an all-inclusive maintenance plan covering everything needed to maintain and repair each and every piece of your HVAC equipment.

  • Scheduled maintenance., (up to four times annually)
  • Emergency service calls
  • Parts & Labor included
  • Truck and equipment charges included
  • Comprehensive equipment monitoring for degradation and planning of replacement schedules

Full coverage guarantees the professional care of your HVAC equipment at a fixed price, allowing for accurate budgeting of your maintenance costs for the entire year.